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To Whom It May Concern,
 I have employed Penny's Loose Leash Dog Walking services over the last year.
Penny walks my dog (Maggie) twice a week and over the last year Penny has
proven herself to be a conscientious and capable dog handler that I would
recommend to anyone else requiring the services she offers.
Penny is always prompt. trustworthy and reliable. She is always thoughtful
and flexiable with her time and is considerate when taking Maggie out;
returning her in a clean and happy condition. Penny is mindful of the weather
and is flexible enough to time the walks to suit the conditions of the day; either
walking Maggie at another time, if the weather is inclement, or coming on a
day that the conditions are more appropriate.
Penny is always careful to keep me informed of her availability and is prompt
 in her communications of her availability and can always be relied on to
negotiate other arrangements to suit my requirements.
Maggie enjoys her outings with Penny they are of substantial duratition and
are varied and interesting for her.
Penny has proven herself over the last year to be very trustworthy as there
have been many instances where she has had access to my house in an
unsecured condition. Penny has either advised me of this or in some
instances secured the house herself. If it were necessary I would provide
Penny with a key to access my house.
I would recommend Penny's dog walking services to anyone who wishes to
have their dog exercised regularly and well looked after. I look forward to
using Penny's services myself for a lot longer to come.
      Brenda                               www.looseleash.co.nz
“My name is Donna and I am the proud owner of a four year old
male dog named Bud.
 Penny has walked Bud occasionaly, off and on since late October 2007
and we have found her to be a very reliable dog walker.
Bud enjoys Penny's company and gets very excited when
he sees her coming.
We have also noticed that Bud has become a well behaved boy,
behaving well when we walk him also.
I have known Penny for twelve years and I can assure you that she is a lovely and trustworthy person.
I wish her all the best with her Loose Leash Dog Walking venture."
Yours Faithfully,
Testimonial for our Loose Leash Dog Walking Business 
Testimonial for our Loose Leash Dog Walking Business                                                                                                                                                                             
  (above email reprinted below!)
                                                           to: Penny Krieg <looseleashdogwalking.penny@gmail.com>
 Amanda Turner <amanda.turner@mfe.govt.nz>                                    Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 3.07 PM
   Hi Penny
 Here is my testimonial! Hope It's okay.
 Cheers Amanda
Penny has being walking my 10-year old Airdale/Huntaway Cross Rudy for nearly a year now
and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone thinking about using Penny's loose leash
services. Rudy races out the door when Penny arrives to pick him up, eager to hang out with his
doggy mates and explore lots of interesting locations.
It has become very clear that Rudy is benefiting both socially and physically from Penny's
attention. Not only does Rudy get lots of quality time with Penny and the other dogs, he has also
lost 7kgs and is well on track to reaching his goal weight of 38kg. I am confident that the reason
for Rudy's weight loss is due to Penny's enthusiasm, passion and genuine interest in his welfare.
Given Rudy's weight problem and severe osteoarthritis I was initially concerned about Rudy
keeping up with the others. However Penny started slowly with him on flat and gentle walks and
has gradually began introducing him to more challenging terrain as his fitness improves. It's like
he has his own personal trainer and I can definitely start to see his waist taking shape! Overall I
have a much happier and healthier dog.
Penny provides Rudy with lots of love and attention and its very evident that Rudy looks
forward to his time with Penny - he even gets a brush when he gets home. I get an enormous
amount of peace of mind knowing that my dog is well cared for and in safe hands when I am out
at work.
Amanda Turner - Analyst, Funds Management
Ministry for the Environment - Manatu Mo Te Taiao
DDI:04 439 7518 Website: www.mfe.govt.nz
23 Kate Sheppard Placve, PO Box 10362, Wellington 6143
      Environmental stewardship            
      for a prosperous New Zealand
      Tiakina te taiao tanui a Aotearoa
 HeLizhu  <lizhu.he@hotmail.com>                                                    Wed, Nov 16, 2011
 To: Penny Krieg <looseleashdogwalking.penny@gmail.com>
 "We were more than happy with the dog walking service that provided by Penny K. She had been walking my boy Arbu three times a week for almost a year ( now Arbu is staying with us in China ). She is extremely relable and also very flexible - which is great as my plans often change at the last minute. From her, i have also learnt a lot of dog communication and training skills : ) as after the walk with Arbu, she would stay for a while and feedback to me how Arbu reacted to the walk with her and what i needed to be awared of when walking with him. Thanks Penny, you are such an awesome people with such lovely personality. I definetly recommended you to my friends and anyone that needed dog walking service.
Once again, thank you for accompany Arbu and love him as your own" 
Take care : )
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