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Loose Leash Dog Walking - Newlands / Johnsonville, Wellington. - Walks @ Local Streets, Parks, Reserves, & Dog Parks
 Out and About:
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                                                                   DOG WALKERS
Penny & Phil
 Contact on:
 Phone: 4787 458
 Mobile: 021 179 5043                                                             email: looseleashdogwalking.penny@gmail.com
Miles Crescent,
Wellington 6037.

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington's

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington, Dog Walking Business logo of Dogs walking on leads with the Dog Walker.

                                   ( ON LEASH DOG WALKS )
 3 entrances - Ladbrook Dr, Bayswater Pl, & Fernhaven Dr.
1.3km? of gravel surfaced tracks along the sides of the bush clad gully with 3 wooden bridges crossing the streams, giving glimpses
of the harbor and a lookout knoll with a seat, below
the Fern Haven Drive entrance.

Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington, at Gilberd Bush Reserve dog walking track, taking a break next to the Caution Track Maintenance in Progress, with 5 dogs and their walker - Phil, 01/05/2012

Above Photo; The "pack" enjoying a bush walk !
Vegetation and Drains in the process of being cleared
Gilberd Bush Reserve, Tuesday 1st May 2012,
Big Paws Up to the Wellington City Council
Tracks Maintenance Team!
Now 5 Dogs Wide, again !

4 entrances - on Horokiwi Road, Pinkerton Gr, Kingsbridge Pl & Colchester Cres, Newlands. Meandering tracks, some gravel surfaces, 4 bridges, 88 steps and a wonderful air of neglect, although some bark and chip mulch (from some recently removed old pine trees at the bottom of the playing field)
 has been spread around plantings.
Note: No Dogs on Sports Field !
 ( WCC is looking at clearing the disused "unofficial" walking path behind the ball catch fence alongside the north end of the Sports Field so dog walkers of Newlands don't risk a $300 fine )

into Seton Nossiter Park, 1.28kn winding gravel track down from Cholchester Cres through regenerating bush.
Many wooden bridges recrossing the stream. 
Very enjoyable walk through to Seton Nossiter Park's Off Leash Dog Exercise Area at the western end, at Mark Avenue.
 Vegetation and drains cleared as at early May 2012, now 4 dogs wide!

Dog Walking Lawsons Track at Seton Nossiter Park, Newlands Paparangi Wellington with Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington

DogWalkingNgaioLawsonsTrSN  0981

Lawsons Track...in the rain! >

Entrances at Blackrock Road, Edgecombe St opp Chetwode Gr, & Edgecombe St, between #s 25 & 27.
Gravel surface with 218 steps, (+15 new steps).
Loose Leash Dog Walking Wellington, 3 Dogs on Leashes logoStunning Harbour views !
Brandon's Rock Walkway is
another great Dog Fitness Walk !
 A little History... Brandon's Rock is named after
Mr Alfred de Bathe Brandon (1809-1886) a prominent settler who arrived in Wellington in 1840 and set up a legal practice.
Brandon was also the first Member of Paliament for Wgtn Country area and is also commemorated in Brandon Street,
in Central Wellington. Brandon's land section 12 Harbour District, and the adjoining property to the north, were the subject of two unsuccessful attempts to mine gold, in 1870 and 1883.
Brandon's Rock is also known as Omega Trig (its survey name)
& nicknamed Black Rock. Height 260m. The peak of the Papaparangi Range. 'Papaparangi' means folding hills - "Paparangi' is a European corruption.

WAKELY (Gully) ROAD, NEWLANDS, to Centennial Highway / Ngauranga Gorge, follow the yellow AA street sign at the intersection of Wakely Rd & Spenmoor St, heading South, down the gravel driveway of # 23. A 1.52km gravel track crossed with large open concrete drains.
Shared track Much used by mountain biking commuters.
Note: this Newlands Dog Walking track is on leash/on lead .
NOTE: - the bottom end onto Ngauranga Gorge SH1 is ungated and unfenced.


   site # 5 Northern Suburbs Heritage Trail WCC
A wide legally formed unsealed road, 1.5kms to Rifle Range Road in Ohariu Valley.
 The Old Coach Road was built between 1856 and 1859 and
left the Old Porirua Road at Johnsonville. ( The Old Porirua Road was the route out of Wellington that went up through Kaiwharawhara through to Johnsonville and Glenside to Porirua.)
 The section from the ridge line to Ohariu Valley
is mostly original.
 This was the first road registered by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust.
 A favourite route for dog walkers, walkers, joggers, horse riders, and mountain bikers.
 from Broderick Road, turn right into Old Coach Road.
Flinders Dog Park, end of Flinders Place, off Cortina Avenue.
 Exercise your dog at the Dog Exercise Area, then back on the dog lead/leash and up the 76+ (New!)steps to the bottom of the Old Coach Road.
 Also Two Entrances off Carmichael Street
                          & Barthgate Street ( via walkway ).
OLD COACH ROAD, From Nov2011 to ? 2013 ongoing...
 Users are advised to take extra care.
For further information please call Barrie Wicks (Transfield Services NZ Ltd) on 027 274 0745 or Julia Bates (Transpower)
on 021 242 5677.
 Beware of the Stock ! Shut the Gates, Dogs On Leads and under control. ( No Barking !!! No Lunging ! etc... )
 Note: Lambing Season August 1st - September 30th,
           Calving Season July 20th - September 29th,
           beef calves weaned at 5 - 7 mths, therefor by Feb-April
     Mums with young are very protective !

Truscott Ave, Johnsonville. ( Car Park )
 A good wee climb with good views in spots.
Great workout for Dog Fitness Walks.

Situated on the ridge between Ohariu Road and Clifford Road, Johnsonville. Two entrances on Ohariu Road, and one on Clifford Road, Johnsonville. Good views to be had from the lookout at the top of the ridge.
Bonus - Off Lead / Off Leash Dog Walk !


CHURTON PARK RESERVE: Main Entrance off Halswater Drive - parking provided in car park below Changing Rooms, adjacent to Churton Park Dog Park Off Leash Exercise Area.    ( a Quick Off Leash run first...) then head along the footpath, (around topside of Dog Park, against ball Trapping fence), that then runs thru Childrens Playground ! & up to Abilene Cres. Include a short circular walk above the plantings on the slopes above the playing field (three more exits onto Abilene Cres). Head back down down Halswater Drive, across pedestrian crossing and then the road reserve, down the path to the right past the tennis courts, into Lakewood Reserve. Follow the meandering paths, bridge crossings and exits at,Westchester (2) and Lakewood and Elmwood Place.
A very pleasant dog walk.

DERRY RESERVE: on the slopes situated between Claverton, Derry, Waverton, and Neston Streets, Churton Park. Planted slopes and steep paths, great for Dog Fitness Walks.
   Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington New Zealand logo of 3 dogs walking off lead

 Dog Exercise Areas Wgtn
  ( Woof Woof Ruff )
Dog Parks Wellington
(OFF Leash Dog Park Walks Wellington, NZ )
1. Arther Carman Dog Park       Collins Ave,   Tawa
2. Duncan Dog Park                   Linden Ave,    Tawa 
3. Grassleas Reserve Dog Park   Main Road,    Tawa
4. Taylor Dog Park                    Taylor Tce,      Tawa
5. Willowbank Dog Park           Main Rd,         Tawa
6. Churton Dog Park                  Halswater Dr, Churton Park
7. Edward Wilson Dog Park      Churton Dr,  Churton Park
    Stebbings Dam Dog Park      Westchster Drive, Churton P 
8. Seton Nossiter Dog Park       Mark Ave,Grenada,Paparangi
9. Spenmoore St Dog Park        Spenmoor St,  Newlands
10.Waihinhina Dog Park              Ladbrooke Dr, Newlands 
11.Meekwoods Reserve Dog Park, Ohariu Road, J'ville
12.Flinders Dog Park                   Flinders Place,Johnsoville
     Sirsi Terrace/ KhandallahPark Broadmeadows   
13.Cashmere Dog Park               Onslow Road, Onslow Ward
14.Silverstream Road Reserve Dog Park, Crofton Downs
15.Cummings Dog Park                 Ottawa Road, Ngaio
16.Chelmsford Reserve Dog Park  Chelmsford Street, Ngaio
17.Trelissick Dog Park                   Ngaio Gorge Road, Ngaio
18.Odell Reserve Dog Park            Punjab Street, Ngaio
19.Kaiwharawhara Dog Park         Hutt Road, Te Kainga
20. Izard Park Dog Park 
21. Top of Tinakori Hill Dog Park
22. Tinankori Slopes Dog Park
23. Ian Galloway Park Dog Park
24. Karori Park Dog Park
25. Monoghan Avenue Dog Park
26. Wrights Hill Dog Park

Thru to #51, refer to your Dog Control Policy.
Brochure available from your Local Library Branch.

Loose Leash Dog Walking Wellington Logo of dogs walking off leash at a dog exercise area.

Ears Up ! The Outdoors is calling all four paws...

1. Arthur Carman Dog Park, mown 2/2017?
2. Duncan Dog Park, recently mown 3/4/2017
3. Grasslees Reserve Dog Park, mown 3/2017
       (Grasslees Reserve had a $650,000 makeover
        in 2014. see my Blog "On a loose leash in Newlands")
4. Taylor Dog Park, mown 31/3/2017 (1/4 Planted 2/10/15)
     contoured "Dog's Adventure Playground"mown @ 7/4/17
5. Willowbank Dog Park, 1/3 Planted out in 2015/6
            part mown 20/4/2017?
6. Churton Park Reserve Dog Park, recently mown  3/4/2017
7. Edward Wilson Dog Park, part mown  13/3/2017.
      Edward W. Road Reserve mown 20/03/2017
7.a  Stebbings Dam DEA mown 06/11/17
8. Seton Nossiter Dog Park, Roadside edges trimmed30/3/17 
         part mown as at 17/3/2017 upper levels ...
9. Spenmoor Street Dog Park, new stairs &paths! Awesome!
         Road verge etc... trimmed 20/4/17
       Dog Park mown 27/4/2017.
       Weed Spraying 11/1/2017
10. Waihinahina Dog Park, mown  07/04/2017.
11. Meekswood Reserve Dog Park mown as @ 3/04/2017
12. Flinders Dog Park, very recently mown  23/03/2017
      Sirsi Cres, Broadmeadows recently mown as@ 9/3/2017
13. Cashmere Dog Park, very recently mown as at 10/2/2017
14. Silverstream Road Reserve Dog Park mown 21/4/2017
15. Cummings Dog Park, mown  ?/3/2017  
       ( new matting back in May '12 )
16. Chelmsford Reserve Dog Park recently mown 4/2017
17. Trelissick Park Dog Park part mown  24/02/2017
18. Odell Reserve Dog Park mown 8/16 Gorse on verge ! :(
19. Kaiwharawhara Dog Pk, mown  12/2016 (closedtoDogs)
20. Izard Park Dog Park  mown /2016
21. Top of Tinakori Hill Dog Park recently mown @23/3/17
22. Tinankori Slopes Dog Park mown 2016 Beware Gorse !growing through the mown grass  :( 
23. Ian Galloway Park Dog Park Mown 25/11/2016
24. Karori Park Dog Park mown ... ? 2017
25. Monoghan Avenue Dog Park mown ...
26. Wrights Hill Dog Park mown 2016
37. Newtown Park Dog Park mown 18/01/17
42. Sinclair Park Dog Park mown Feb/17

19. Kaiwharawhara Park Dog Exercise Area -                  OPEN TO DOGS 1st NOV 2016-31st JAN 2017 
 Note: CLOSED TO DOGS from 1st FEB 2017 !!!
     (Closed to Dogs 1 Feb-31 Oct)

The Van used in our Dog Walking Business in Ngaio at Silverstream Park / Huntleigh Park WCC Tractor mowing the Dog Park grass Photo by Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington

Big Paws Up Thank You from a dog very happy to run and play with doggie friends, at a freshly mown Dog Park, a Doggie Play Date !  Huntleigh Park, Crofton Downs, Ngaio. Photo by Loose Leash Dog Walking Service Newlands Johnsonville Wellington

< Paws Up to
Wellington City Council !

Other Doggie Stuff,

  I do wish that people setting off fireworks in Dog Parks
would find the time to return later to remove and safely dispose of the remains !
 The number of used sparklers I have found left sticking out
of the ground ready to impale a running dogs paws etc...(or eye!)
 It's all fun and games until somebodies Doggie gets hurt !
Have a care people !

Phone: 4787 458   Newlands, Wellington 6037.
Mobile: 021 179 5043
via www.looseleash.co.nz/blog
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Dog Walkers Wellington, 3 dogs walking off leash / off lead                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Dog Pack Off Leash
         Enjoying running free in Wellington's Dog Parks !
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